Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sun Hopes Hanging With Its New Friend Makes It Look Cool

WSJ has a great article on Google-Sun hype that was created last week.

WHAT A PITY that Scott McNealy was on stage as a participant, and not back in his office as an observer, during last week's big news conference between Sun Microsystems and Google. Mr. McNealy, Sun's boss, is a master of the savage, funny put-down, and I would love to have heard his riff on the event.

Sun and Google are as big names as Silicon Valley has to offer, and the mere announcement late Monday afternoon that the two were planning something was itself news. Wall Street analysts were forced to rush out research reports speculating about what might be in store.

They needn't have bothered. The actual event was a model for how well-known companies can make a major media event out of a nothingburger. All that is required are a few transactional-sounding but empty phrases, a couple of vague promises and the implicit invocation of the Microsoft boogeyman, all baked together as a "strategic relationship."

You can tell the meagerness of Tuesday's offerings by the highlight: Sun will offer the Google Toolbar Web search aid in some of its own software downloads.

...Google's ever-expanding catalog of desktop programs -- the Toolbar, Gmail, Google Maps and the rest -- don't typically use Sun's Java language, but instead several nonproprietary technologies. Chief among these is Ajax, a Web programming style that now has the sort of buzz once enjoyed by Java.

- By Lee Gomes, 12 October 2005, The Wall Street Journal


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